Turrialba Economy

Turrialba Costa Rica has a thriving economy

Turrialba is a town that it’s all about the agriculture and is one of the most productive towns in Costa Rica, in this area they farm several different products that reach not only the public in the same country but it’s exported as premium products from Costa Rica. Through history this is been the reality of this town because after their native villages were destroyed the government handed them the lands so they could sustain themselves with the agriculture.

Coffee from Turrialba is one of the best you will try in your life, there are several wide coffee crops that native people from Turrialba are largely proud off and they take care of them to ensure the quality of coffee that is not only drank a Costa Ricans, but it is a prime exportation product that reaches every corner of the world and can be seen as one of the preferred coffee qualities by large coffee shops and corporations such as Starbucks.

Turrialba is also famous for their sugarcane plantations, sugar cane being one of the most common crops in Costa Rica are not the same quality anywhere you find it. Definitely Turrialba’s sugarcane is up to the best standards and people who have been doing this for years, taking care of their crops and making a living out of this know how to take care of them and guarantee the same quality year after year.

But definitely the main agricultural that is done in the town of Turrialba is cattle rising and milk farming and this town is best known for its fantastic and popular cheese, which is called to realities and they are the only region in the country and in the world that knows how to make this type of product and it is largely consumed by the whole country and exported by one of Costa Rica’s biggest companies which is the milk Corporation, which sells milk and cheese all over Central America.

And Turrialba is also growing its tourism industry with the great national Park and the beautiful volcano which hasn’t been fully discovered yet by people and by the general industry. The Turrialba Volcano national Park is a beautiful place that is bringing more and more people every year leaving profit for this town and the Guayabo national Monument is one of the region’s most visited spots thanks to its architectural structures dating back to the indigenous times.