Turrialba Culture

Turrialba is town that enjoys culture

Its people enjoy arts and literature in the many things that native Costa Ricans left there historically. They have a history of architecture and indigenous arts and crafts and this is what this town is all about, it’s all about respecting its culture and its history; it’s all about showing this to the rest of the world and primary to the rest of the country.

In the past few years Turrialba has been for many artistic festivals were different artists from all over the country and even from some other countries in Latin America have showed there and presented their work. This has been a big milestone in the history of Turrialba, since they have been wanted to transform to the art capital of Costa Rica takes their native heritage and all of what this means for them.

Turrialba even started building in 2008 in modern theater that holds 380 people and is scheduled to be completed in 2013. This is a municipal theater in its construction is required in investment of approximately $3 million, close to 1,680,000,000 colones, the national currency, and according to the promoters of this project the building is going to because of its modern appearance.

The design of the municipal theater that is to be built is the result of a contest that was held by the municipality of Turrialba, for which the major schools that teach architecture were called. In this contest various students from the University of Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Inter-American University and the Veritas University participated to be the ones to be honored to build the structure. The winner was a student from the University of Costa Rica and his name is Geovanny Araya.

Inside the theater, a wide room with capacity for 380 people is going to be located were artistic and culture spectacles are going to be presented. These spaces, Lao community to offer a place where concerts can be realized and also theater shows, dance presentations and even educative activities. Also the theater will have library, cafeteria and a regional documentation center, among other spaces.

This just goes to show that Turrialba is making a whole lot of efforts to become an even bigger cultural town that it is now and with this kind of investments is sure to become one of the top cultural honor and artistic destinations in Costa Rica. The people want to live up to their the history and what the town is made off and apparently they are actually making this happen.