Sarapiqui Economy

Sarapiqui Costa Rica takes advantage of its beauty

The economy in Sarapiqui has many different aspects from which this canton lives from, starting with the huge agriculture industry with some of the most fertile lands in Costa Rica and some of the best products fit for exportation, also with a growing and very lucrative tourism industry keeps attracting visitors more and more everyday with the region’s outstanding natural beauties and also with increasing amount of foreign investment in areas like commerce and real estate.

Let’s start with the agriculture part, Sarapiqui is widely known for producing some of the best coffee in the world, farmers here take care of their coffee crops in a special way since they are aware that they are lucky enough to be growing these beautiful plants in an incredibly fertile land and has the advantage of being fed by the flow of the Sarapiqui River, waters that make wonders for the land and have been doing so for hundreds of years.

But coffee is not the only product that is farmed in the region of Sarapiqui, this County is famous for growing different herbs and spices and also several different types of fruits and vegetables, such as cardamom, cacao, corn, papaya, pineapple and much more.

¿But what about the tourism industry? Well, tourism has everything he needs in this region the flourish and become a stronger competitor in a country that already is a heavyweight in the tourism industry in the world, especially in ecotourism. Sarapiqui has everything from white water rafting to canopy trails and bungee jumping.

There is also some great to us are provided by specialized private companies where you can enjoy a great deal of bird watching and being in contact with nature and the amazing thing is that this region surrounded by nothing but rain forest, a river and endless biodiversity is just 90 minutes away from the capital city of Costa Rica which is San José, a developed city that is the complete opposite of this beautiful town.

Real estate has also become one of the major reasons why the area is gaining in the economic field, mainly because settings like the ones you will find in Sarapiqui are hard to come by anywhere in the world and investors know this, so this region has become a hot spot for foreign investments whether they are in hotels, housing developments or commercial developments and the only thing one can hope for is that they do this responsibly, respecting nature and evolving in harmony with it.