Sarapiqui Culture

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is culturally gifted

Sarapiqui in Costa Rica is one of the biggest cantons in the country, covering up to 85% of the territory in the province of Heredia, this is why a lot of these region you’ll find several different types of cultural activities in different communities that are used to different customs, different foods, different traditions, in different ways of seeing life and actually living, but one thing that is common on everyone in this town is that they all lived given by nature.

In Sarapiqui there are several different cultural committees to ensure that this canton keeps on the right track when it comes to entertainment, culture, to arts and literature and to the several different aspects that give the community particularities and the education they need to move forward in a place for mother nature has blessed them but the government has not been as charitable with them.

Sarapiqui is one of the captains in Costa Rica with the highest index of poverty and this is what makes it such a tough job to keep traditions alive, to keep people true to themselves, because when people see themselves need it will do anything to move forward and the beauties of this region will find themselves in danger if communities are not taught what the right track as they will not take care of their blessings.

But don’t get me wrong Sarapiqui is a beautiful place, with beautiful people and the great natural atmosphere that will make you fall in love with the rainforest, with the river and most importantly with the people, because Sarapiqui is becoming faster and faster one of the top Costa Rican tourist destinations and this is resulting in a change in people’s culture and people’s minds, because they are now understanding that tourism can be exploited without destroying their natural blessings.

The people in Sarapiqui are becoming friendlier and more open-minded because they are watching as the canton itself is growing and growing and communities are picking themselves up and turning this story into a success story with a happy ending and the usual smile on the people’s faces will shine.

Sarapiqui’s is a town of commerce and agriculture, as history states that the Sarapiqui River was the first commercial canal for exporting and importing goods to and from Europe. This culture lives on the people in this town are hard working people that can and will pull through this tough situation.