Sarapiqui Costa Rica is the biggest canton or county in the province of Heredia, taking up a huge amount of the province’s territory. Sarapiqui in Costa Rica takes up about 85% of the total land area least known best throughout this tropical country for its outstanding and breath taking biodiversity. Sarapiqui Costa Rica is also paradise for those looking for a destination where they can find adventure and guaranteed adrenaline rushes.

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is located at the north east of the country and is bordered by Nicaragua in the north. This adventurous town has gained serious amount of popularity as a tourist destination and a getaway for families and thrill seekers, with activities and spots to visit for everyone’s needs.

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is also home to an astounding amount of biodiversity, both flora and fauna, and is especially known for being one of the last spots of the endangered Green macaw. In this town there are also several natural reserves and national parks including one of the most famous in the country, the Braulio Carrillo national Park and the Sarapiqui protected zone.

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is a region that is overflowing with nature and green scenery, but it’s not only that, it also has some great people and some great traditions, for example their outdoor festivals called “turnos”, which includes fairs and bull riding and livestock and cattle shows. Also in this town agriculture is important, being the major banana producing region in the country but with other products also being farmed, like coffee, cardamom, corn and many other fruits.

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is known for having a very fertile land with the Sarapiqui River being the main reason for this fertility since it flows through this region’s irrigating natural system and this adds up to the climate being mild and moderate for the best part of the year.

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is a town for those who enjoy the outdoors, since there is plenty of hiking and nature trails in this region as well as white water rafting down the Sarapiqui River. It just takes a font boat trip down the river to catch a glimpse and realize the amount of wildlife living in this region, monkeys, birds, turtles in caimans. And not only that because if you are a fanatic of bird watching than Sarapiqui Costa Rica is the perfect environment destination to see some of these country’s many bird species in their natural environment like hummingbirds and dippers .