Puriscal History

Puriscal Costa Rica, beauty among the mountains

Beautiful places rarely happen on purpose, same principle applies with Puriscal. During Latin America’s colonial occupation, it was literally a new world. People came, people went, people settled much more freely than we do today, huge amounts of land were claimed as own by Spaniards and a pseudo political division was created, albeit not really a formal one.

Puriscal was a passing town for traveling people that went from one place to another; this is where they looked for rest and looked for shelter and where to rest under the stars.

Known before as Cola de Pavo (Turkey’s Tail) Puriscal has been a city since 1915 and has developed as a purely agricultural city since that time. It was once and indigenous city but with the rise of modernity this peculiarity is now long gone.

Over the last few years there has been an ever increasing amount of united states citizens who have settled in Puriscal Costa Rica, spreading with them not only their culture but language as well, making of Puriscal a place where English is spoken fluently and constantly by the local crowd.

Since the 1990s an effort has been placed on attracting tourists, so new job offers are generated for everyone here. There has been a great development on every end of the spectrum regarding tourism, while maintaining the virginity and purity of the place, and it is noticeable by the amount of people that visit each year. There is an almost paradisiacal quality to Puriscal Costa Rica, a quality which you can easily sense when you lay your foot on our grounds.

This is history being made, from a little indigenous settlement to a beautiful agricultural town, the last years have been of change for Puriscal Costa Rica, and have been of changes for good. Puriscal still keeps all the traits from a rural town, the warm people, clean air, the beautiful traditions that are now lost elsewhere.

Being a place full of mountains, there has been an increase of new comers arriving to practice grass boarding on the ladders, and bringing with them a lot of attraction to this place, covered even by the international chain ESPN on their latest edition of X Games.

This is what it is all about, if you enjoy warm people and traditions, this is the real deal, give us a visit, come here and stay and enjoy of our beautiful people