Puriscal Geography

Puriscal Costa Rica, Ying Yang, 2 seasons 1 cycle

Weather in Puriscal is warm and cozy; it is the kind of climate that makes you feel at home. The moment you walk into Puriscal the whole idea of life changes, life is not about running around, life is about enjoying every minute.

Being this a town full of farmers the warmth of their hearts can only compare to the warmth of the climate which is steadily mild all though the year. When it comes to climate in Puriscal there are no lose ends, everything is covered, enough rain to keep the cattle and vegetation happy and enough sun to keep us all warm.

Imagine a place that has everything you will ever need, a place that is not only everything you want, but in truth all you want and all you will ever need in one single place. Such a place blessed by the hand of God so much that has been granted the gift of having one most beautiful weathers in the world.

As with everything here there is a sense of balance, the ying and the yang in weather we have it here.

There are 2 seasons here; basically temperature stays the same all through out the year with no major drifts, average temperature is of around 22 degrees Celsius, so you can get an idea of what we are dealing with over here, not too cold not too hot, that’s right.

During a dry season which starts in around November and lasts all the way through may, precipitation is very little there are no major changes in climate all throughout the season people usually go to the beach or enjoy practicing all kinds of outdoors sports.

During rainy season you can do pretty much the same, you have a temperature range that is almost identical when compared to other places where temperature lowers to half or doubles in a small amount of time. We don’t have those sudden changes here; we run things smooth here at Puriscal Costa Rica.

So if you ever wondered how the climate would be like in a small town of a tropical country, wonder no more, come pay us a visit and enjoy there is to offer in the magical place of Puriscal, where you can still find old core values from small towns while retaining access to all the advantages of being near to the city. Come join us at Puriscal Costa Rica