Puriscal Economy

Puriscal Costa Rica, a market that is still growing

Economically Puriscal Costa Rica is a very unexplored marked, mainly focused on agriculture Puriscal is still a very unexplored marked in many ways.

Being a small town there are many services that provide a way of living for many of the people that live here but still agriculture is the most important piece of the economical puzzle.

Real state experienced an amazing amount of growth over the last few years, in Puriscal Costa Rica you can find all sorts of and types of residences: ranging from  the modern, the urban the most flamboyant and exotic castles.

The times are changing and Puriscal is no exception, over the last 10 years it has diversified its commerce and broadened all kinds of opportunities with the aid of foreign and local investors.  There are several opportunities for all kinds of investors.

Lately investors from all over the world have flown to Puriscal to invest in all sorts of projects thus providing not only an income for themselves but an income for thousands of workers that take part in the activities.

Raising horses has also been a big business lately where a big amount of horse lovers go to Puriscal to buy their beloved horses. Used in many competitions nation and worldwide horses from Puriscal are known to be one of the best breeds you can find.

Being so close to all sorts of beautiful beaches or the rain forest with its wild life makes of Puriscal a must, for travelers worldwide. You can drive to the rain forest in no longer than 40 minutes or go to the beaches in less than 2 hours. There is always something to do, you can also stay downtown and enjoy all Puriscal has to offer.

Come and join us and take part of this ever growing market, you will easily see that there are no limitations to your imagination, this is a beautiful place, such a beautiful place that will make you love it and want to stay.

The decision is yours to take, be warned, one you come you will never want to leave, all along this town you will find peace and all you ever dreamt of, you will find that traditions are still kept safe and people are still warm to strangers. Come over enjoy a lovely life and be part of  a dream you did not know that was possible to dream.