Puriscal Culture

Puriscal Costa Rica, A place to find peace

There are so many different factors that influence the culture of Puriscal that it becomes hard to start to gasp all its implications. Let’s think of Puriscal Costa Rica as an oasis where peace and tranquility has been kept safe from all the hazards of modernity.

There are many factors that collide when thinking about the culture of Puriscal Costa Rica, the fact that this has been a town of farmers and people who have somehow distanced from the speed of life in the city.

Somehow Puriscal keeps still all those little details of country living, the home made cuisine and warmth of people that live there, the painteresque festivities in honor of patron saints, the beauty in people who still ride a horse on to the field every morning.

You might think of this as a fairy tale, but it is definitely not, it is as real as it can be life in Puriscal Costa Rica is peaceful and quiet as you ever dreamt.

People are warm and welcoming to people from all over the world, people who have been visiting Puriscal more and more over the years. This has led to the creation of small cozy hotels where you can spend a vacation escaping from all the modern world noise.

Less hectic than other parts of the country Puriscal Costa Rica is a place where you can find refuge and peace, locals are very welcoming to foreign visitors and will more than gladly help you have a good time. Still Puriscal is located close enough to the capital, a 45 minute drive, to have everything you need close enough so it doesn’t become a problem. You can just get in your car and drive for a while to find what you need.

There is a very high respect for religion in Puriscal Costa Rica and it has become a large part of its culture and its people, mostly catholic there are a number of devotees that do all kinds of celebrations all throughout the year, festivities of all kinds take place here in Puriscal Costa Rica.

If you ever thought of retreating to some quiet place and enjoy Puriscal Costa Rica might just be the place to you, a place where tradition is kept safe, where life moves at a steadier pace than in other places. Come visit us, you will find that everything is close enough and you can comfortably find peace and enjoy life over here.