Puriscal Costa Rica, a perfect blue sky

Puriscal Costa Rica is a town of farmers and traditions, a town where time has passed by in a slower fashion. Keeping a lot of its traditions intact, Puriscal is one of those hidden wonders that sit so near to Costa Rica’s capital that seems almost impossible to understand how it has gone by unnoticed for so long.

Even though it is a small simple town Puriscal Costa Rica has an outstanding variety of services and the warmth and kindness only Costa Ricans know how to offer.  A vast majority of this town is dedicated to agriculture and raising horses, an activity that has become a major attraction that come to visit each year.

Puriscal in Costa Rica has festivities where an enormous amount of beer is served, it is a beer festival in the complete sense of the word. A festivity in honor of their patron saint Santiago de Puriscal which include a carnival that includes marching bands and carriages march along. Only right here in Puriscal Costa Rica.

If you ever dreamt of refuge from the chaos of major cities you should really think of paying us a visit, Puriscal Costa Rica is a place with the purity and peace that very few places can offer, a life you only saw in movies, this is where everything turns real. This is only 45 minutes away from San Jose, the capital where you can find everything you need.

Well, you don’t have to drive for 45 minutes to fulfill your every need, Puriscal downtown has everything you need to cover your basic needs, from all the gear you need for your kitchen to doctors and drugstores to cure every little illness you might have. You can buy your groceries and the walk safely home while eating an ice cream; this is all right here in Puriscal Costa Rica.

Come join us here and experience the purity and warmth of our citizens, the freshness of an air not yet polluted, this is a place where you can find everything you have ever wanted. If you are thinking to retire to a beautiful place come and visit, if you are just planning a trip, come over and take a look for yourself, you won’t believe your eyes, a perfect blue sky covering the town where you and your loved ones will easily find a life time of joy. This is all right here in Puriscal Costa Rica