Monteverde History

Monteverde Costa Rica has indigenous history

It is said that Clovis Native Americans once farmed in villages in the area where Monteverde is located, that is because various indigenous artifacts, such as pots, containers, ceramics and grinders have been found in the region and actually suggest that such affirmation is true, this supposedly happened around 3000 BC. Between 3300 BC and 2000 BC the nearby tribes of the Arenal area experienced a decline in their population and these nearby tribes were forced to resettle in reestablished villages between 2000 BC and 500 BC.

Agriculture, which was the main way of survival in those days, intensified between 500 BC and 380 in the tribal societies were actually replaced by chiefdom societies. Then horticulture started and was accompanied by intense deforestation and stone foundations dating to this period have been found in the region.

Now when the Spanish arrived in 1502, Costa Rica endured two generations of warfare, because of this nationwide indigenous populations fell from approximately 400,000 to 8000 within little more than 50 years, a sad story it is.

Now in the early 20th century in the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s, Creole populations arrived to the region that is now called Monteverde and they were mostly recruited to provide services to the employees of the Guacimal gold mines; many of them settled around the area and the new populating of Monteverde started.

What is now in recent days considered Monteverde was actually founded by a group of Quakers coming from the United States because they defied their country during the Korean War due to their pacifist values. They chose this region because of its wonderful climate which would make dairy farming easier and because of Costa Rica’s nonviolent, army free constitution.

The Quakers took it upon themselves to form a large of land, which they would eventually set aside for conservation in this area is what is now called Reserva Biologica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde where Monteverde cloud Forest reserve, which has become a major tourist attraction given home to thousands of species of animals and plants in the great of activities offered by locals to both foreign and local tourists.

In the past few years there has been some increasing numbers of tourists that have brought a great deal influx of local tourists, which is Costa Ricans, into the area. At this point there is an estimated 250,000 tourist visitors every year. This kind of growth in town has led to the improvement of goods and services including partially paved roads that have arrived in recent years and bigger companies setting up operations in the area. In 2007 Costa Rica’s voted Monteverde one of Costa Rica seven wonders.