Monteverde Geography

Monteverde Costa Rica has endless biodiversity

As part of a rain forest atmosphere is only natural for Monteverde to be a humid place, also misty and cloudy. The temperatures around his region usually range from 15 to 22°C which translates to 59 and 77°F with an annual rainfall average that usually runs around 3000 mL or 118 inches per year.

As the great majority of Costa Rica, the native language in the region of Monteverde is Spanish, this is the official and most spoken language. However thanks to the Quakers being the founders of this town in the presence of them throughout the years and also three schools in English, people can easily expect a great deal of bilateral Costa Ricans in this area and not only because of the reasons just exposed, also because this is a major tourist town and English speaking people are expected every day.

A Monteverde is not such a big town, is actually quite small and the population of the Quaker dominated area is just between 250 and 750 residents. But this is not all there is a more developed site to town which is Costa Rica dominated and it’s called Santa Elena; this side of town has a population of permanent residents out of the most recent census of 6500 people.

Monteverde has become a major part of the Costa Rican tourist trail even though it has a difficult access, this may be due to the acclaimed rain forests and cloud forests in this great region. Costa Ricans recently voted Monteverde is one of the seven wonders of this country, wonderful country itself and this goes to prove that not only foreigners love the region, but locals too, with a total of 250,000 annual tourists visiting the region and around 70,000 tourists are visiting the reserve.

The Monteverde cloud Forest reserve is arguably the main attraction of this region with a massive amount of 10,500 hectares. This reserve is known as the site with the largest number of orchids in the world, this type of plant has 500 species newly discovered in this reserve contains 34 of them. There are also over 60 species of amphibians including the extinct Golden toad at one point. The beautiful Quetzal bird also resides here seasonally, so for the bird watching crowd this is a must destination in the world.

The mammalian fauna in this reserve is also huge with thousands of animals living inside this beautiful and magical place, including marsupials, muskrats, finance, rabbits, groundhog, squirrels, spiny mouses, porcupines and more.

The Monteverde area is definitely one of the most attractive places of Costa Rica and will surely be for many years, and this is another example of how man can evolve right along with nature.