Monteverde Culture

Monteverde Costa Rica is true to its heritage

Monteverde has a rich history starting with native indigenous people, then Creole habitants that formed this land and also Quakers who came and established a formal community which thanks to them would get to be called what it is now and to transform into the beautiful place that has managed to be for many years.

The Quakers are a religious Society of Friends was founded in England in the 17th century as a Christian religious denomination by people who are not satisfied with how denominations and sects of Christianity were handled back then. This society is counted among the historic peace churches and their members are known as Quakers or Friends, and we think this makes a lot of sense about why they decided to come to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a country of peace just like the Quakers themselves and when the United States was involved in the Korean War, these people decided to defy the government and moved to a country that is free of an army thanks for the Constitution and when you think of it all of what these people stand for is what the culture in Monteverde is all about.

Quakers founded a community, they built churches, they build schools and they set the foundations for the growth of the whole town and since they are the founding fathers of Monteverde their culture has lasted for years even though they are now a minority in the region, since there are only about 750 people left out of a population of more than 7000.

But the town has evolved and is now a major tourist attraction, one of the top destinations in Costa Rica and the culture is also taken some things of what this business is all about, an industry that Costa Rica has exploited and lives on.

People in Monteverde are now all about nature and all about tourists; they are welcoming people that love to smile on their faces and open their arms and hearts to everyone who was kind enough and lucky enough to visit them and enjoy the natural wonders that this town has to offer.

So the culture Monteverde is rich and it has a lot of history on its back, from indigenous people to the Creole, from dairy to coffee and from religion to nature, the people of hard-working nice and open-minded, but mostly relaxed from living in such a peaceful place.