Monteverde Costa Rica is a charming town

Monteverde Costa Rica is a small charming town in the province of Puntarenas and it translates literally into English as Green Mountain being true to what you will find if you visit this amazing place. Monteverde in Costa Rica is considered one of the top tourist destinations in this tropical country mainly visited by ecotourists that are attracted by the huge amount of biodiversity in the numerous reserves around the town of Monteverde Costa Rica.

The most famous reserve in Monteverde Costa Rica is called Reserva Biologica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde or Monteverde cloud forest reserve in English. This is a fantastic place for nature lovers which many people wanting to find such a spot only think about it in their wildest dreams. This town which we are talking about includes the larger hub of Santa Elena as well as the major numerous reserves and attractions found near this beautiful and charming town.

The town of Monteverde Costa Rica is definitely one of the hottest spots in this country and this is a live example of what ecotourism and the industry that Costa Rica lives on is all about. In this place you will be able to find some of the most preserved forests in the world and the community that takes care of nature as if it was their own lives and in so many other words it actually is their own lives, because this is their main source of income in the town is built thanks to it.

When it comes to nature related attractions, Monteverde Costa Rica provides a wide array of businesses and opportunities. There many serpentariums, butterfly gardens, insect museums and many others zoological attractions in the region. Within the past five years there has been increasing interest in this type of activities and especially in outdoor extreme sports such as the planes and suspension bridges throughout the surrounding forest.

Other activities also offered in this town and horseback riding and mountain biking, but it is not only nature and outdoor activities when you can find in Monteverde Costa Rica, because the town of Santa Elena also offers a wide array of bars and restaurants that provide everything from typical Costa Rican food and typical Costa Rican drinks to international cuisine and everything in the middle like homemade pizza.

This town is definitely a must for visitors that come to this country looking for adventure, looking for nature, looking for relaxed and laid-back atmosphere and to breathe some of the pure air that you can’t get major cities; this is why Monteverde Costa Rica has never lost charm and its beauty because that is what people go there to look for.