La Paz History

La Paz Costa Rica is tourism defined

La Paz means the peace, which is the perfect name for a place that is true to the nature of Costa Rica, a country of peace, a country of love, a country of communities opening their arms and hearts for tourists from all over the world, this is what La Paz is all about and has been thrown its history, taking advantage of their natural beauties and the perfect settings that mother nature was kind enough to give them.

La Paz has dried and grown upon tourism, of an industry that brings millions of people to Costa Rica every year and when they realized this was a town that could be populated in the natural beauties that it had could be something to take advantage of investments started coming in hotels restaurants and more were being built in the town started to be a successful story of the eco-tourism industry.

Many years ago in La Paz there was nothing but nature, lush rain forests, wild animals running around in just a few people that populated the town which could not be more than 500 people, but when the investments started coming in and the industry started exploding this town, thankfully in a good way to preserve of its natural beauty, people flocked to La Paz to see what the talk was all about and the talk was true, this was beautiful, it was as close to paradise as you get.

A region that was nothing but nature, trees, well, endless greenery, an untouched rain forest, became one of the top destinations for the Costa Rica tourism industry in little or no time at all, maybe because the eco tourism industry over the world was thriving at the moment and still is and La Paz the true definition of what eco tourism is all about.

Although this town was struck by a devastating earthquake not too long ago and is now closed to the public while the government this handling the work, fixing the roads and getting people back to their homes, the magic that has cannot and will not be lost.

La Paz is definitely one of the most successful stories of how men can evolve alongside nature maintaining its beauty and not destroying its essence, a sad thing that has happened several spots all over the world even within this country itself, but not in La Paz, not in this town that throughout history has been always proud of what mother nature gave them.