La Paz Geography

La Paz Costa Rica is a tropical paradise

La Paz, which is the literal translation from Spanish to English of the peace, is a small town known for its waterfalls, actually four of them with the last one of them having the name of the town itself. This waterfall is known in Spanish as Catarata de La Paz or La Paz waterfall and it is located just early 1 km which is 19 miles north of Alajuela, between the towns of Varablanca and Cinchona, the two most devastated places as a result of the awful earthquake that hit Costa Rica in 2009.

Another way to locate La Paz is to go north from the province of Heredia. The actual waterfall is located immediately alongside the road from Alajuela that leads to the northern plains of Costa Rica. The La Paz River is the one that actually forms the waterfall after traversing 8 km that translates to 5 miles of volcanic terrain and then makes its way through the rain forests of the eastern side of the Poas volcano.

This whole region is filled with endless nature and trails that go through a lush rain forest on a steep irregular land. A short path leads behind the waterfall where a small shrine had been located and upstream from the waterfall is located a famous hotel in part where visitors will be able to observe many different species of local wildlife, including butterflies, hummingbirds and others.

The La Paz waterfall and a lot of the surrounding areas were tragically and severely damaged the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in January of 2009 and landslides caused destructive damage to the road that runs alongside the waterfall.

To get to La Paz from San Jose, the capital city, there are many different options: to drive through Alajuela or through Heredia. If you drive through Alajuela just pass the airport and continue the road following the signs to Poas Volcano. After that you have to pass the towns of San Isidro and Fraijanes, till you get to Poasito and then make a right towards Varablanca. But if you are in San Jose, the fastest way to get there is through Heredia, passing the national University going towards the towns of Barva, from there just follow the signs will take you to the Volcano in no time you’ll be at the waterfall.

The weather he La Paz is what you would expect at any rate forest like location, OC rainy throw the year is still comfortable because when it’s sunny it’s always beautiful and when it’s raining, well, the adventure just got more exciting.