La Paz Economy

La Paz Costa Rica lives on tourism

La Paz Costa Rica is a town that without a doubt lives on tourism; it is its major and maybe only industry, because this is what they have built throughout the years. This town has become one of the top tourist destinations in the country and it is worldwide known for its natural beauty and for being a success story foreign and local investors managing a to build a fantastic place for visitors without affecting nature, it is a true success story eco tourism at its best.

The region were La Paz is located is not large and they’re not many people living there, maybe communities of no more than thousands that have lived there throughout the years and have also evolved to welcoming tourists, both local and international, to their town, to their homes, to their businesses and even in to their hearts, as this is the nature of the typical Costa Rican.

The region is mostly pushed economically by La Paz waterfall Gardens Hotel and Park, where the owner, an international investor who saw in La Paz a true gold mine, gives jobs to hundreds of people and brings in thousands and thousands of visitors every year.

This establishment provides people with guided tours before waterfalls are included in this beautiful rain forest filled area and also provides an exquisite and one-of-a-kind part where people can enjoy watching hummingbirds, see thousands and thousands of species of butterflies, even watch the butterflies hatch, enjoy the view of hundreds of different birds for the bird watching crowd and admire the orchid garden some of the most beautiful flowers in this country.

The region around La Paz has just been devastated by 6.1 earthquake which took a huge toll on the economic situation in general business of this area, the waterfall Gardens Hotel was pretty damaged and is now closed until new notice, people’s homes were destroyed and the government is looking for a solution at present time so this just natural for the area to go through a slow economic situation.

But the beauty of La Paz is untouched and the authorities and major investors of the area are making their best effort to bring this town alive again, so money is being put in for the improvement of the region and hopefully in just a few years, maybe less, La Paz will come back stronger than ever and hoping to receive more visitors than they did before so the economy will thrive again and tourism will the back living in harmony with nature.