La Paz Culture


La Paz Costa Rica has an inviting culture

La Paz is a town that lives off tourism and has been doing this for many years, this is why the people of the region of the culture of inviting visitors and always offering a smile to everyone that crosses their path, the culture is of nature, of ecotourism and of taken advantage of the many beautiful thing that mother nature was kind enough to give to these people.

In this town being welcoming is embedded in the values of people, ever since they are children they are told that their town to touristy destination and this is what makes them go forward economically, so people are used to being around foreigners who don’t speak the language and don’t know the culture but they are more than willing to teach them and give them a hand in whatever they need.

Locals in these kinds of areas in Costa Rica are usually people who live there their whole lives; they are usually born, raised and buried in these kinds of places because they are true to their land, true to their culture and to their community and they expect this from everyone who is lucky enough to be a native off this beautiful and nature provided region.

Locals are the best people to ask for help and that is because they know their way around, they don’t leave their town, they enjoy being there and they enjoy helping. Tour guides are usually recruited from the local community because they know their way around the mountain, they know their way around the rainforest and they can show people to the best and most exciting places with breathtaking views and exhilarating adventures.

People in this town and generally around Costa Rica are thankful by nature, this is a strong value talked to kids in this tropical country, because not everyone is lucky enough to live in a peaceful country with nature everywhere, a stable government and general political and economic situation, with great weather and fantastic places to visit all year long.

And this is even more logical and true when you take into account what La Paz is all about, a place surrounded by some of the most amazing nature ever found in this paradisiacal country, with the Virgin rain forest that has managed to keep untouched and beautiful throughout the years, with four majestic waterfalls that you can visit at any time and investors that have put in a lot of money putting a lot of money into the town to make it even more beautiful and enjoyable.