Heredia Geography

Heredia Costa Rica is beautiful in every way

Heredia is nestled in a big and diversified province, one of the most beautiful and impressive in Costa Rica. Heredia city is a near perfect location when it comes to its climate, because of its fresh weather all year long, even though inevitably, like most of Costa Rica, rain is a constant visitor during a few months, the overall perception of this town is that it is comfortable and relaxing all year long.

Heredia is the smallest province in Costa Rica, small in size but not in natural beauty and diversity, fields in which this region is rich on.  Heredia is nestled in between the provinces of Alajuela to the west, Limon to the east and San Jose to the south; also collides with the country of Nicaragua to the north.

Heredia is the capital city of the province with the same name and is home to some of the largest colleges and universities in the country, including the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica or National University of Costa Rica, which enrolls many international students every year. In Heredia, the mountains rise to an altitude as high as 1,900 meters.

Like Alajuela, Heredia includes a part of the Central Valley region and Central Volcanic Mountain Range, but the major part of its land is positioned in the northern lowland, right next to Nicaragua. Even though Heredia is the smallest province in Costa Rica, Heredia city and its surroundings have a really wide range of climatic conditions, similar to other regions but unique in certain aspects, this thanks to the geographical variation contained within this region.

There are warm and humid lowlands and highlands which are cool and damp, also the mild but yet seasonally wet and dry weather of the Central Valley; all of this in surprisingly close distance from each other. It mostly warm all year round, the temperatures are usually tempered by the big amount of cloud cover that usually affects the area. Also, the rains are spread all throughout the year but the rainiest period is from May to October.

Heredia has a very interesting diversity when it comes to geographical settings, with weather characteristics and conditions that will vary conditioned by the altitude ranges that go from 0 to 2900 meters above sea level.

The annual average temperature can go from 15 degrees Celsius up to 27.5 degrees Celsius. Also, there is an intermediate zone that will go from 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, which is the region that contains most of the population.