Heredia Economy

Heredia Costa Rica has a developed economy

Heredia is a city with a boosting economy that has been catapulted to development by the many international companies that over the years have decided to settle in the area, giving jobs to thousands of Costa Ricans and providing with a huge flow of money to this city and province in general, something that had not been experienced before in this area of this tropical country.

Before all of this happened, Heredia had been historically a coffee growing region with some of the most fertile land in the country and endless coffee crops that took advantage of the waters flowing from the river born in the now inactive Barva volcano.

Due to the fame of this region’s coffee production and a land that is smothered in lush green plantations, a coffee lovers’ trip to this city is not complete until they include a tour to the Café Britt Finca or more popularly called Costa Rica coffee tour, which is a caffeine fuelled day that includes several different coffee tastings. This just goes to show that coffee is a major part of the region’s economy, providing jobs and money from exports and tourism.

However, in latest years the Costa Rican economy has transformed in a huge way thanks to multimillion dollar investments from international corporations that have started operations in the country, with the huge majority of them in the vicinities of Heredia, up to the point that the production and exportation of Intel Pentium processors and chipsets has become the number one industry in the country with 51% of the overall exports.

All of this has resulted in an amazing increase in employment in the area and after just three or four years, exportation from this industry had become three times more than that of coffee and bananas put together. Of course, this has contributed to the popularity of this city, making it a thriving place to live and visit, to the point of the government having to look for ways to improve public transportation to the area, with the new train line being the most important project, which is due to be completed in 2009.

But not only Intel has become an important part of this thriving town’s economy when it comes to multinational corporations. Companies such as Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, Baxter, Citi Group, Bank of America, Microsoft, Alienware, Western Union, Hewlett Packard and more have contributed to the area’s and national economy by moving to Costa Rica and employing thousands of people.