Heredia Culture

Heredia Costa Rica is tradition

Heredia has definitely been for the past few years the fastest growing city in Costa Rica, with developments being noticed all around, corporations employing thousands in the region and people having to visits the city more and more every day to different circumstances that this growth has created, whether it is for job, school o their own business.

But Heredia, besides all of the progress, has not lost what has made it beautiful throughout the years, its culture, its people, its architecture and its essence. Heredia is all about architecture and sites that tell the story of a town that has gone through major transformations in several different periods of time, being one of the most developed cities in Costa Rica in present time and one of the most important ones in this country’s history.

Heredia in nothing but a relaxed and laidback region with a hectic and commerce filled downtown, surrounded by astounding colonial architecture easily visible all over town in houses and buildings everywhere, this is part of their culture. The superb Inmaculada Concepcion church, a popular gathering place surrounding the main square and built in 1796, is a clear proof of the religious history that Heredia carries on its back; definitely an amazing construction, with bells imported all the way from Cuzco, Peru, that is true to this city’s religious culture and history.

Architecture is all over the place and also located in the central park of Heredia is a historical music temple, as well as El Fortin, an amazing colonial tower of an old and historical Spanish fort. Also, along with some old buildings, the park mentioned is home to La Casa de la Cultura or The House of Culture as well, which is home to historical and art exhibitions on a regular basis.

Heredia and its people are also proud of being home to one of the two top public universities in the country, the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica or Costa Rica National University, a huge reason for the popularity of this city. This university has one of the best and most acclaimed veterinarian schools in Central America, as well as an outstanding marine biology department. This just goes to show that the many students found all over Heredia are there for a reason, for the cities historical culture of education.

Heredia might have changed and transformed into a developed city with huge corporations setting up operations in the area, but this town is historical and the people are proud of their culture, of being one of the major cities in the country and having a background of beautiful women, great education and fantastic architecture.