Heredia Costa Rica

Heredia Costa Rica is fully developed

Heredia Costa Rica in the province of Heredia is a city that every day resembles more to the nation’s capital San José. This because Heredia in Costa Rica has grown to be a fully developed town with commerce all around, a big downtown area that includes any type of amenity needed and right next to one of the top universities in Costa Rica; Heredia Costa Rica is definitely reached its peak.

Heredia Costa Rica is the capital of the province that carries the same name and it is a small but highly populated city, just 10 kilometers from San Jose and close to some of the most amazing and breathtaking natural destinations out there, like the Barva Volcano, and experience no one should miss out on.

Heredia Costa Rica was nicknamed the City of Flowers, some say because of the beautiful gardens that the city officials and housekeepers used to have and because of the amazing flora and fauna found near the city, but others say it is because of the stunningly beautiful women found all over town and the province itself, the legend lives on but with women and nature like that no one really cares what the reason is.

Heredia Costa Rica is located right in between vast coffee plantations and lush greenery, making this city a perfect place to visits for a holiday among other things. The city is definitely a developed town with plenty of commerce, people and traffic, but don’t get discouraged, the amazing thing about this place is that you drive 10 minutes out of downtown and you are in a relaxed and laidback atmosphere.

The principal attraction of Heredia Costa Rica is definitely its architecture, a superb colonial style that is recognizable all around town and its outskirts. In the heart of the city there is a stunning church built over 2 hundred years ago and it is surrounded by plenty of shops, restaurants and commerce in general.

Heredia Costa Rica is absolutely full of surprises, being a perfect place to be in due to its amazing climate, a mild and temperate weather all year round. It is great for a quite getaway, well, in some parts actually, because this city has also become a top destination for international corporations that set operations overseas.

This city is has plenty of advantages, being in close proximity to downtown San Jose, the nation’s capital city and just a 15 or 20 minute drive from the country’s most important international airport. Heredia Costa Rica is surely blessed and you won’t want to miss on it when you visit this country.