Grecia Geography, Climate

Grecia Costa Rica is a pleasure

Grecia is a town with amazing diversity, a characteristic that is common among Costa Rican towns all over the country. The mountainous terrains live right next to a beautiful paved town, agricultural lands and developed communities. This is the kind of town that Costa Rica is famous for and Grecia is definitely a perfect example of it.

This town is the capital of the canton of the same name, which is located in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica; it is also the name of the district that this town is part of. This district of Grecia has an area that covers almost 7 kilometers, 6,86 kilometers to be exact and the population extends to 15, 457, a small one in number but just right for this small and enchanting town.

This town actually lies at an elevation of 999 meters above sea levels and rests in the eastern range of the region of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range. This city was actually once given the honorable recognition of being the cleanest city in Latin America and it is just 20 kilometers northwest of Alajuela, the capital of the province named the same, 27 kilometers from the most important airport in the country, Juan Santamaria International Airport and 45 kilometers from the capital city of San Jose.

Grecia is the third canton of Alajuela and it has a size of almost 362 square kilometers, with a total amount of almost 60,000 and was founded in 1828. This canton has eight districts numbered as the follow: Grecia City, San Isidro, San Roque, Tacares, Rio Cuarto, Puente de Piedra, San Jose (not the capital city) and Bolivar Angeles.

The land in Grecia is drained by 4 main rivers called Sarchi, Agualote, Poro and Rosales which descend from the famous Poas Volcano, a major tourist attraction near to this town. The canton in general grows coffee, corn, beans, vegetables, pineapple and more. The biggest plantations are definitely the sugar cane plantations, which cover an enormous quantity of terrain and bring a lot of money to area contributing to the region’s prosperity.

Grecia, since it is so close to the major city of Alajuela, is connected to other beautiful cantons such as San Ramon, Naranjo and Atenas by great paved roads accompanied by amazing scenery. Also, Grecia is close to some major natural attractions, with the Juan Castro Blanco Forest Preserve as the main one.

The climate in Grecia is beautiful, almost perfect, with temperatures averaging 24 degrees Celsius, cool and breezy weather that keeps the town fresh and beautiful for the better part of the year.