Grecia Economy

Grecia Costa Rica works hard

Grecia is a small town in Costa Rica, nestled between the capital city of San José and the beautiful beaches of this tropical paradisiacal country, right in between the province of Alajuela. This beautiful town is full of surprises and friendly people who are mostly farmers by profession; agriculture is their business, mainly cultivating coffee, pineapple, vegetables and the most important crop of the region, sugar cane.

This town has a history for being a prime location for coffee production and the product that grown in this land is usually mixed with neighboring regions’ coffee to produce one of the most perfect a delicious blends in the world. Grecia is definitely proud of their coffee crops and farmers take care of them like if they were their babies, well, after all, this is what they live off.

But don’t be fooled, this is not a place where cows still walk through the roads, well, maybe once in a while you will hear a “moo” here and there, but Grecia is not only coffee crops and farmers, there is much more to this European named town as they are famous for being the car dealership capital in Costa Rica with dealers in almost every corner of town.

It is said in Costa Rica that if you need a car, whatever kind of vehicle you need, automobile, SUV or even heavy duty trucks, then you must go to Grecia and shop. In a country where cars are highly taxed, this town offers the best overall price and discounts by far, making this industry a big boost to the town’s economy, giving jobs to hundreds and bringing in loads of money almost daily.

Real estate is also becoming an important part of the economy in Grecia, this industry is increasing due to the rush of foreign and local investors who have been wanting to own a piece of land in and around this picturesque town.

The climate of this town is a major boost in the interest of investors who are loving real estate in Grecia for this and many other reasons. I mean, no matter what season it is, Grecia is always breezy and fresh, making it the perfect place to cool and relax. Added to that is the fact that modernization has definitely not spoiled its lush green environment, so an outdoor picnic is always an alternative if you know what I mean.