Grecia Culture

Grecia Costa Rica has beautiful people

Grecia is a town with rich culture embedded naturally in people, like most places are in the beautiful and tropical country of Costa Rica, where people are friendly and enjoy tradition like anywhere else where people are proud of who they are and where they come from; in the case of Grecia, farming people with a history a fighting for what they want to be, up to becoming the cleanest town in Latin America among other great things they have accomplished.

It is in the nature of locals at Grecia to welcome visitors with open arms and inviting smiles and it has become one of the top tourist destinations not involving precisely eco-tourism. Grecia is an important tourist destination mainly because of their unique metal church built over one hundred years ago, with a deep dark red color; it looks as stunning as it did a century ago.

This just says that people at Grecia have strong religious beliefs and they attend their church, which they are eternally proud of, Sunday after Sunday, being true to themselves and their heritage. The Cathedral de la Mercedes is a church made out of metal plates imported from Belgium in the 1890’s, that has a classic gothic style and it is beautiful from the inside and absolutely impressive from the outside.

Other than the church, people are proud of their other places worth to visit, which they take great care of and are part of their lives. For example, The Grecia Regional Museum is definitely worth a visit, as well as the insect and butterfly museum, home to over 50,000 different insects and butterflies, just north of the central park.

But probably the biggest reasons why both local and international tourists visit Grecia is because of the World of Snakes, a serpentarium that houses more than 50 species of snakes from all over the world. This snake habitat is an amazing spot to enjoy while observing these reptiles.

All of this just to show you that part of the culture in this town has been raised involving a way of life that includes visitors; locals embrace them as their own and make people feel right at home, all of this while enjoying one of the cleanest towns in the world, that is widely known for their annual carnivals and the never ending car dealerships, not for nothing they have earned the popular nickname as the Car Selling capital of Costa Rica.