Grecia Costa Rica invites everyone

Grecia Costa Rica in the province of Alajuela is a small and picturesque town about 20 kilometers from Alajuela city and has the honor distinction of being recognized as one of the cleanest towns in the world. Grecia Costa Rica is also known all around this tropical country as being the car dealerships capital, with dealers all around town and some of the best prices you will ever find while car shopping.

Grecia Costa Rica is a small farming town that houses the typical Costa Rican community, good natured friendly people that take life in a relaxed and calmed way, people that give importance to family and values while loving the place where they live and being truly proud of it, so you can see that the cleanest Costa Rican city distinction is not a matter of chance and more a matter of commitment to the community.

Lying northwest of the capital San José, Grecia Costa Rica is located in the country’s Central Valley region amidst beautiful mountain landscapes and rich lush sceneries. The local community of Grecia in Costa Rica, like said before, is very friendly and welcomes visitors not only to their town and homes, but also to their hearts.

But don’t be fooled, even though people in Grecia Costa Rica are relaxed like the typical Costa Rican, this does not mean that they are lazy, they are actually hard workers and mostly farmers by profession. Various products are grown and harvested in this agricultural hub, with sugar cane being the most popular and closely followed by organic coffee and pineapples.

Grecia Costa Rica is also a lucky town that has some of the best weather conditions in the country, fresh and breezy most of the time, cool and beautiful for the better part of the year. This conditions and the natural beauty that accompanies this town has made it an ideal destination to explore and enjoy its unspoiled environment.

But remember, like a typical Costa Rican town, Grecia Costa Rica is filled with narrow roads and confusing road signs, which can lead to you getting lost while exploring, so the use of a map is strongly advised, of even asking the locals for directions will work, they will be more than glad to help you as this is a usual thing in this country.

This town is a great and recommended tourist destination due to various cultural attractions, as well as its unique dark red metal church, famous in the country and visited by thousands every year. These are just some of the things that Grecia Costa Rica has to offer and you won’t want to miss them.