Atenas is a town that has been all about commerce and has prospered thanks to their coffee crops through history. They were known for having-year-old that communicated the Central Valley of Costa Rica with the major expert exportation destinations such as Guatemala and the ports that transported the Costa Rica and trying product from the Atlantic all the way to Europe in different countries of the world.

The weather in Atenas has definitely benefited agriculture in the region and this is why they have become one of the most prosperous towns in the country because agriculture happened on being the number one industry in this tropical paradise and just in recent years it was overtaken by tourism in the technology industry, but now comprehends more than half the exports that this country produces.

Atenas produces some of the best coffee but you can find in the world and the people were born in this town are some of the wisest people when it comes to agriculture and especially when it comes to these crop because they have been in this business for many years and they are now some of the best experts in the world in this industry, in the industry of producing prime quality coffee that is drank all over the world.

But coffee is not the only thing that brings money into this town; they are now a major real estate hotspot because of their perfect weather, the peaceful atmosphere, the relaxed way of life in the beautiful spots where people can move to feel comfortable in a community that will open their arms and their hearts to newcomers.

Major real estate investors have brought in lengthy business to Atenas, as they have the ballot huge infrastructures, commerce developments, housing developments and all sorts of structures that have brought to Atenas tons of visitors, a lot of money and plenty of jobs that have provided an income for the beautiful people of these welcoming an amazing town.

Tourism is also a part of the economy in Atenas because they have beautiful sites to see and some of the most attracting spots to visit. A road trip to Atenas sure to make people feel relaxed at least for a day and this is why many people from the city visit Atenas on a daily basis to unwind enjoy the beautiful people and the beautiful weather and forget about the hectic way of life in the city.