Atenas is all about football, well soccer if you want to call it that, this is a town that enjoys the national sport and lives it with passion. The date that most people accept to celebrate the birth of football is 24 October 1863 in London. The British made their best efforts to show people the sport over the world with so much success that today without a doubt is one of the most relevant social phenomena in our contemporary lives.

In Costa Rica is said that in 1876 football used to be played in San Jose in the capital city, and the old inhabitants of Atenas say that the first ball that was rolled in an official game in their town happened under Central Park on October 24 of 1907, an event the occurred 44 years after the birth of football and in celebration of the local festivals in honor of St. Archangel.

It is attributed to Julio César Ovares Arias and Augusto Jenkins Zamora to be the ones to bring the first ball to the town of Atenas. They were both enthusiasts and faithful followers of the sport. The first one practiced football and promoted and became to be a member of the board of one of the most important football clubs in Costa Rican history. The second one always supported your organizations and young people that wanted to promote football and in his youth he was part of the first football team that was formed in Atenas.

Abel Rodríguez Vargas, a sports manager, used to say that the first ball made out of leather was brought to the town by Alberto Jimenez, who used to be for many years the one in charge of the watchtower of the classic temple in town.

Other people used to say that it was Víctor Porras Trejos the one who brought the first ball and this is the version most people stand behind, because he was a fan of many sports and he was part of the first director’s board for the oldest football club in Costa Rica still active.

All of this just to say that Atenas is a town that lives and breathes sports, especially football, and the people who live here always happy to gather around the football fields and have a good time and shares the community, this is what Atenas is all about, about being happy, active in sports, enjoying time with friends and welcoming everyone wants to play or be a part of their town.