The Canton of Atenas Costa Rica, which belongs to the province of Alajuela, is located in the occidental region of the central valley. Atenas in Costa Rica is part of the Tarcoles Valley, taking up the angle that forms when the Grande de San Ramon River and the Virilla River join and Atenas Costa Rica borders to the west the Aguacate Mountains.

Atenas Costa Rica is located at just 21 km from downtown Alajuela in this county is neighbour to the north of the counties of Grecia, Palmares, Naranjo and San Ramón and to the south of the counties of Turrubares and Mora from the province of San José, to the east it collides with Grecia and the central county of the problems about what and finally to the west you can find the counties of San Mateo, Orotina and San Ramón.

Atenas Costa Rica extends from east to west following the old national Road from the Garita Bridge over the Grande de San Ramon River all the way to the bridge over the Concepción River that is located at the feet of the Aguacate Mountains, limiting between Atenas and San Mateo. The distance between these points is off 130 km in the town of Atenas is an extension of 125 m².

Atenas Costa Rica is formed by eight districts, which are called: Atenas, Jesus, Mercedes, San Isidro, Concepción, San José, Santa Eularia and Escobal.

The climate in the area of Atenas Costa Rica was declared as one of the best in the planet, and actually National Geographic magazine declared it the best in the globe. A major part of the town is found in the zone of warm and dry lands, it is located between the warmest regions in the country. These regions go from the province of Guanacaste and Puntarenas, Orotina and regions of less rain.

The dry season in this region of Atenas Costa Rica usually lasts between four and five months, approximately from the month of December to the month of April. The town enjoys a warm and pleasant weather, regulated by the humid winds that come from the region of San Ramon and penetrate through the depressions that the Aguacate Mountains form. It is presumed that during the day the weather is warm and nice but during the night the temperature drops considerably.

This is just a brief and general overview of the town of Atenas Costa Rica open that you will have the pleasure of visiting and getting to know is very beautiful and touristic town.