Costa Rica facts are just as interesting as any other place in the world with the beauty and history that this country has. Republic of Costa Rica is the actual name of this country and it is located in Central America just in between Panama to the south and Nicaragua to the north. It is also nestled between the Pacific Ocean, which is located to the west and south of the country, and the Caribbean Sea, which is located to the east. Those are the basic Costa Rica facts, but here are some more.

Geography Costa Rica facts are always interesting: Costa Rica has a total land area of nineteen thousand five hundred and sixty square miles (19,560 sq mi), but the total land area is actually a bit more, it is actually nineteen thousand, seven hundred and thirty square miles (19,730 sq mi).

About four hundred thousand Indians are thought to be the first inhabitants of Costa Rica, until Columbus discovered and explored Costa Rica in 1502, which led to the Spanish conquest that occurred in 1524 and the country ended up becoming a Spanish province a few years later. It wasn’t until 1821 that Costa Rica managed to become a free country, but just two years later, in 1823, it was conquered by the Mexican Empire. This rich history has made Christianity the main religion in Costa Rica. Now, those are some interesting historical Costa Rica facts.
When it comes to Costa Rica facts about topography, well, Costa Rica is mainly a coastal plain which is divided by mountains, with the two of the main ones being the Cordillera de Talamanca and Cordillera Central.
Costa Rica facts about climate are also very interesting, since the country has varied temperatures in different sectors. You can find subtropical and tropical climates, which means that the dry season in this country extends from December to April, while the rainy season is from May to November. December is the driest month in the city, while being the wettest month in the Caribbean part of the country. Of course, highlands are cooler than other places and the highest elevation point in Costa Rica is Cerro Chirripo, a volcanic mountain with a total elevation of three thousand eight hundred and ten meters (3810 m), while the lowest elevation level is the Pacific Ocean at sea level.
Costa Rica facts about nature are always the most interesting of all. The flora and fauna in this country is rich and varied like not much places in the world. Costa Rica has designated almost 25% of its territory to protected areas and reserves.

Corcovado National Park is one of the most famous in the world because of its abundance of wild life, such as tapirs and big cats, while Tortuguero National Park is perfect for monkey lovers, with several different species living in the area. Costa Rica facts about nature are definitely amazing information for nature lovers and ecotourism adventurers.