Santa Ana Costa Rica: history in the making

Santa Ana is a city with a history just like every other city, a place where countless events have given shape to what we know today. Starting off by its location near the mountains, Santa Ana has always been a place where a traditional feel within Costa Rica has prevailed.

Predominantly rural over the first two thirds of the last century has experienced an unprecedented development when compared to other cities in San Jose.

Santa Ana was given its name back in 1907 Cleto González Víquez who was president by that time. There have been important developments over the last few years that are worth mentioning.

An increasing number of English speaking schools such as:

  • Country Day School
  • Blue Valley School
  • Saint Mary’s School Saint Jude School
  • Pan-American School
  • United World College Costa Rica
  • Lincoln School
  • Humboldt School

All of these providing education of the highest quality standards to locals and foreign visitors a like, has been an important development and a key point in the history of Santa Ana Costa Rica because it has become a place where more people set their eyes on when planning to come to Costa Rica.

The development of Multiplaza a big commercial establishment that contains over 100 places where to eat and buy all kinds of goods. There is also a new Cinema where movies are projected on a daily basis matching release schedules with theaters from all over the world.

The opening of CIMA hospital has brought a great deal of attention to the zone where many people assist even from abroad to get treated for a number of maladies which are usually more affordable to treat over here.

With the ever increasing boom of plastic surgery a vast amount  of visitors have arrived of late, bringing with them a noticeable increase in the interest for this town. With prices mucho lower than everywhere else in the marked and an almost paradisiacal vibe in the air it is easy to understand why someone would choose to pay a visit and have surgery here.

So as you can see the history of Santa Ana is a history that has been speeding up lately and has become a major part of our country’s attractive.  Be part of history and take part in this on going change and growth. This is not history gone by but also history in the making.