Santa Ana Costa Rica, culturally active and open

Culturally speaking Santa Ana Costa Rica is very diverse. Ranging from the rural living of people who has lived there for years and years to the more modern and luxurious life of people who have sought after its peaceful environment to retire from the hectic chaos of the city.

Santa Ana (Saint Ann), after their patron saint, is a place where celebrations are done in no small manner.  Often celebrations take place in the inner central part of the city where carrousels and foods are placed side by side in a way to honor their festivities.

Due to its strategic location it has developed as an area of interest for foreign investors as well as visitors. CIMA a newly built hospital with capacity for thousands which has lately become a mandatory stop for people looking for plastic surgery at affordable prices. Imagine this, You come have some wrinkles removed and then spend a week or two in the rain forest recovering from your operation. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Somehow Santa Ana still retains all those little subtleties of country living, the home made cuisine and warmth of people that live there, the painteresque festivities in honor of patron saints, the beauty in people who still ride a horse on to the field every morning.

On the other hand there is the multicultural aspects of industrial parks employee literally thousands in places such as HP, Procter and Gamble and all sorts of multinational companies that have made of Santa Ana a multicultural place, a hybrid.

Over the last few years there has been a great development in the area with huge industrial parks built and all types of commerce revolving around that, McDonalds, Wendy’s, BK, Taco Bell, Hooters, all sorts of food chains from all over the world you can find here in Santa Ana. Big mall chains have also opened their doors in Santa Ana allowing for commerce to develop in a rapid fashion.

No wonder Santa Ana has become the place of choice for people looking for a nice place to settle their businesses or their lives as it is a place that still keeps the simplicity of rural life while adjusting rapidly to the modern urban style, big buildings, high life, a place to rest and to lead your business at the same time. This is a place where you can find the comfort you need in the vicinity of all that is needed in a productive live.