Santa Ana Costa Rica: mild, beautiful climate

Santa Ana Costa Rica: mild, beautiful climate

When it comes to climate, Santa Ana has one of the most privileged climates in the country, not that rainy or that dry. Not that cold or wet, just the right amount of everything. There is not much difference between Santa Ana and the rest of the central valley where is located.

Mid temperature is of around 22 degrees Celsius, which is nice and comfortable for most people.  Temperature in the morning is of around 18 to 20 degrees which is right on the spot for a nice and comfortable living. At noon it might get a bit hotter with temperature rising to around 26 degrees sometimes and staying around there until probably 3 in the afternoon when they start to lower back to a comfortable 20 to 18 degrees at night.

Probably it sounds too dreamy right? Well no, not at all, this is the way it is.

Here in Santa Ana we have 2 seasons that last about half of the year each. Rainy season that starts in late may and lasts all the way until October and a dry season that goes from November until. the beginning of may.

This change of seasons permits an increased amount of biodiversity because here in Santa Ana there are no loose ends when it comes to weather, all you need is here.  There are no excesses when it comes to climate in Santa Ana, the right amount just with the right timing, all of this beautifully synchronized with Mother Nature’s master clock.

Water is life, sun is life and here in Santa Ana we have both and plenty of them, you can come and see it for yourself. The mountains turn green as they start to feel the water pour down gently form the skies and will give life to everything around them.

As the seasons change so do the colors, and the vegetation will start to fade in to more of a brownish color as the summer hits in. dry season we call it, summer none the less. Warm and sunny and little rain, isn’t it how summer is like.

In a peaceful environment such as ours, it  very attractive to observe those little changes and let them fill your eyes with joy. Santa Ana has lots to offer, an the mild climate is just ideal for you to come and give us a visit, perhaps you will end up staying as many have done before you.