Santa Ana

Santa Ana Costa Rica, a place you have heard of, perhaps you have not. Located west of San Jose downtown Santa Ana is a place of hybrid nature, a place where all the luxuries and amenities of modern life entwine themselves with the peace of country side living.  Maybe you saw an ad on a magazine, heard something from a friend, or you have never heard anything about this beautiful place, let me tell you nothing compares to it.

There are no cows walking down the street but you can easily spot a cow here and there from time to time, in Santa Ana Costa Rica, you can breathe in the air pure from the mountain side, while staying close enough to the city to fulfill all the demands from these modern times.  Maybe this is something you have always wanted for yourself; something you thought was only possible in your wildest dreams well it isn’t it is available for you and everybody,

Santa Ana in Costa Rica is a place where you can live the life you always wanted, you can grasp it easily when you see it. Located in a small valley it is well kept from winds and other climatic phenomena. When you think about it, it is a very safe place after all. This is Santa Ana Costa Rica a place where you can let loose and find all you need while keeping that country side feeling in your life.

It might seem surreal to some, but those flickering glowworms are real and they will keep you company all through the night. It is not so hard to smile when you have such a beautiful sight, in a place filled with magic and close enough to the city to make your life easier Santa Ana Costa Rica is just conveniently located for you. 15 miles away from downtown San Jose, just near enough, to keep all things near the reach of your hand while you find refuge from all the noise and chaos of urban life.

Come pay us a visit, stay for a while, discover all there is to see in the beautiful town of Santa Ana Costa Rica, a place where modern living mingles hand in hand with country side living. If you ever dreamt of a life where you could find the right balance between the hectic and the peaceful, between the modern and those things of yore, well, Santa Ana Costa Rica might be just the place for you.