A history built upon peace, this is our history. A country without army, a country with no wars, a country with no violence, a place to find peace in life.

We were the tiniest of all Spaniard colonies back in the day, almost unnoticed, and somehow we still are. But we have managed to keep ourselves true to our beliefs.

We achieved independence in 1821 and after that we went through a slow and tedious process of consolidation ourselves as a nation.  Guanacaste joined in later on after they voted on whether they wanted to join Costa Rica or stay attached to Nicaragua.

Not everything was so peaceful and shinny back then, we did have an army and we did have our issues but those things seem now long gone. By then there were military occupations and the whole politic panorama was rather convulse.

It took some years for things to settle down but they actually did, with the help of former president Mauro Fernandez, who ironically stayed in office by the means of military power.

On the mid the late 1940’s  Costa Rican army was permanently abolished to give birth to the Costa Rica we know now. The lack of army has provided a sense of security for natives and strangers alike who think of Costa Rica as a shelter from this ever so violent reality of ours.

Since the 1970s an extra effort has been put on tourism to attract the coming of visitors, thus generating job offers for everyone here. There has been a great development on every end of the spectrum regarding tourism, and it is noticeable by the amount of foreign fellows that visit each year. There is an almost paradisiacal quality to San Jose Costa Rica, a quality which you can easily sense when you lay your foot on our grounds.

Industry has found an unexploited niche here in San Jose, with companies from all over the world flying over here such as Intel, Hp, IBM to settle in a quiet, peaceful town where they can grow and develop their operations without worrying of anything else. Isn’t that what we all want?

History is never perfect, but somehow we have managed to find our way, we did have a rough start  but have acquired a sense of adaption and furthermost of peace over the years. This is our history, the history of our people, a history of peace.