Think of economy as a set of wheels that never stop, they all move in synchronicity and in not so perfect harmony, but they move in the end, this is somehow the economic panorama for San Jose Costa Rica. A town which has evolved from a purely agricultural model to a more modern and complex one.

Most of san Jose’s economy moves around commerce and tourism, there is also the agricultural part but I will get to that later.

Let’s start by saying that San Jose Costa Rica is a city full of commerce you can virtually find everything you need here, same as with all major cities in the world.  The inner part of the city is composed of a matrix of stores and hotels that can attract the most experienced traveler.

Central Avenue extends itself for over 3 miles surrounded by all sorts of stores, restaurants bars and hotels. You can find all you need within a walking distance; you can enjoy a drink, walk to the movies, eat at a restaurant and stay at a comfortable hotel.

You can buy all sorts of goods, toys everything you could possibly imagine you can find it here. Even though it is a small town it is a pretty complete town when it comes to commerce.

Tourism is also a very important aspect of San Jose’s economy, there are visitors from all over the world all the time, so you need hotels, restaurants, and all sorts of attractions to keep them happy, tourism is our business here in San Jose.

Agriculture is also a major aspect of our economy, coffee beans that are roasted and exported all over the world, bananas, citrus fruits, meat, etc. There are a number of products that we export that makes of us a very solid economy more so in a Latin American context.

The vicinity with beautiful beaches or the rain forest with its exuberant wild life makes of San Jose  a must, for travelers worldwide. You can drive to the rain forest in no longer than 40 minutes or go to the beach in less than 2 hours. There is always something to do, you can also stay downtown and enjoy all San José has to offer.

Economy moves, economy changes and so does San Jose, again, tourism is our business you can find all you need here.  Come join us, come visit come stay here at San Jose.