We have always been a country with many different cultures cohabitating due to our position right in the middle of the continent, the same way we have all kinds of fauna due to our position same happens when it comes to people.

There is mixture of different cultures that you can easily spot in San Jose Costa Rica. Dominantly there is Costa Rican culture, culture forged on peace. When you think about San Jose you can think of a city of peace, a place where modernity and old fashioned values mingle side by side in almost perfect harmony.

Culturally San Jose is a very diverse city just like every capital in the world. There are many ethnic groups that live in harmony altogether. Immigration has been of late a major characteristic in this town, where people from all over the world seek refuge and try to build a better life for themselves and their family, so it is no surprise that many different individuals get along.

There are plenty of regional celebrations that take place in San Jose many of which are our own while others are traditions adopted from other places, 50 years ago it would have been hard to find turkey ready to go for thanksgiving, now days it is as common as it is to buy a Christmas tree on December.

We are a diverse town with diverse people, open minded and ready to adapt to a number of circumstances.

When thinking about the other meaning for the word culture, I could say without a doubt that San Jose is a pretty active city culturally. Arts, politics, education, we have it all, and we have it often.  There is a vast community of artists that are constantly creating and exposing their ideas to the public, from the academic to the avant-garde it is easy to find cultural activities and take part of them.

Museums are at your disposition and you can visit freely and for a very cheap price, so you can be a witness of our history and all we have to offer. People with an interest for history and tradition should find this fascinating,

All throughout the day and at night San Jose Costa Rica is well known for having a number of opportunities and offers to the public in general, chances are given and they are yours to take. Come and join us at San Jose Costa Rica where life is what we would want it to be.