As with climate in most parts of Costa Rica stability could easy be considered  one of its major attributes, when you think about it, or weather is not really temperamental, it can have its bad days, but so can we, or not?

On a more serious note weather here in Costa Rica is very stable, with no big oscillations in temperature or humidity. Most nights are like very other nights, chilly but not cold, windy but not too much, warm but not too hot.

Located in a valley we are protected by heavy winds and major storms that easily vanish when they collide with our mountain shield. It is easy to get used to something this simple, not too much rain not too little rain, just the right amount.

There are 2 seasons here; basically temperature stays the same all through out the year with no major drifts, average temperature is of around 22 degrees Celsius, so you can get an idea of what we are dealing with over here, not too cold not too hot, that’s right.

During dry season which starts in around November and lasts all the way through may, precipitation is very little there are no major changes in climate all throughout the season people usually go to the beach or enjoy practicing all kinds of outdoors sports.

During rainy season you can do pretty much the same, you have temperature range that is almost identical when compared to other places where temperature lowers to half or doubles in a small amount of time. We don’t have those sudden changes here; we run things smooth here at San Jose Costa Rica.

Balance is the word, here at the almost paradisiacal San Jose Costa Rica that is what you will find. The perfect balance of sunny mornings and gentle dew at the break of dawn.  Rainy afternoons every once in a while, and beautiful sunsets and rainbows when its over, we have it all. And all perfectly balanced right here at San Jose Costa Rica.

Have you ever wonder how it would be like to forget about your winter coat, or those frozen highways? But you don’t want that desert like sun, that burns the eye, well this is it, San Jose Costa Rica is the place here all those things collide in to one not so big yet beautiful  city where you could have it all.