San Jose

San Jose Costa Rica, the town where I grew in, I should have no trouble writing about it. I guess not, my whole life is here, my friends are here, it should be fairly easy.

San Jose Costa Rica, a place full of dreams, gentle people, all sorts of opportunities, and a really small place none the less. The capital of a tiny army-less country, a place where sun shines bright in the morning and the moon shows proud in the evening; this is San Jose in Costa Rica.

Located in the middle of a central valley San Jose Costa Rica is a beautiful town, with beautiful parks monuments and all sorts of visuals to keep you aroused while you walk. Let it be in the middle of the day or late at night to get home, it is beautiful place to look at. With its proud statues of national heroes, monuments to peace in the middle of the city, vast extensions keeping trees safe in the middle of the urban chaos, you can find it all and more.

I’ve been walking these streets for a while know and should know probably a lot of San Jose Costa Rica, a place where you can find fun in its multiple forms, you can be a kid for a day or for a lifetime here. You can find art in a multitude of places, you can take your girlfriend or boyfriend and catch a play at the theatre, catch a movie or a concert near by. Being such a small city everything is conveniently near, near enough to keep you going through out your day or night.

You can walk early in the morning and buy breakfast near by, or if you prefer you can drive to the mall and get what ever you need. You can keep in contact with old friends; enjoy a drink now and then.  Everything is near the reach of your hand, and beautifully adorned by a constant improvement plan implemented by the government.

You can go to school if you wish to a number of universities, which has made of San Jose Costa Rica a destiny for students worldwide, we are always open to everyone, always open to you. Feel welcomed to join us; there are plenty of reasons why you should. This is the place where I grew up in, a place I love, San Jose Costa Rica