Alajuela History

Alajuela Costa Rica, history in the making

Often great thing are built out of need, same principle applies to places. Think of Colonial occupation in Latin America, it was literally a new world. People came, people went, people settled much more freely than we do today, huge amounts of land were claimed as own by Spaniards and a pseudo political division was created, albeit not really a formal one.

Religion made people gather and formally request the bishop to erect a parish in the early 1800’s. Alajuela Costa Rica was officially declared a town by December 1813. And so began the history of one of the most beautiful cities in Costa Rica.

Alajuela has taken its name form its patron Saint Juan Nepomuceno de Alajuela, a name which by fairly reasonable standards has been shortened to Alajuela.

As part of its history Alajuela has fostered a great amount of influential citizens, probably the most influential one was Costa Rica’s own national hero:  Juan Santamaría. Still debated whether fictional or real, Juan Santamaría still prevails as one of the most influential characters in costarican history.  A 25 year old boy, who gave his life on behalf of his country as the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Almost 200 years later his name still lives in the memory of costaricans, and echoes in the collective unconscious. Costa Rica’s national airport bears his name and proudly stands as a monument to freedom at the entrance of the ever so beautiful Alajuela Costa Rica.

Another important part of Alajuela’s history has been determined by its warm and beautiful weather, it has been many times that you can find the best weather in the world in Alajuela. Why? The reason is quite simple, a number of factors that come into place at the same time, making it the prosperous and beautiful place it is now.

Alajuela not only has a beautiful history, but is now history in the making. Progress, a soccer team that draws about half of Costa Rica’s soccer “aficionados”, a number of poets that grew up in a quasi-magical place called San Ramón. Industry is also joining in, building and growing in its ground.

Just lately the province has been struck by earthquakes, which are by no means rare in the area, but still Alajuela stands strong and proud as one of the most beautiful cities in the whole wide world.  Rebuilding itself, improving itself and furthermost growing to be one step better every day.