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Not only people is warm in Alajuela Costa Rica

Considered to have one of the best climates in the world Alajuela Costa Rica rejoices itself   in not only the warmth of its people but the warmth of his winds. Due to a mixture of variables Alajuela is considered by many to have just the right climate.

The concurrence of different factors makes the climate ideal for living. Just the right amount of humidity, the right amount of warmth, located just near enough of the tropic of Cancer , not too cold nor too warm.

Fertile soils have made Alajuela a paradise for agriculture making it a paradise for the cultivation of tropical fruits. Yes, those juicy mangos you see at the supermarket sporting a ridiculous price tag? Those are grown right here in Alajuela, and are normally available cheaper than you can even start to imagine. Forget about overpriced fruit or dry mangos, right here is where they are grown.

Alajuela’s land is vast and rich. Poas Volcano stands strong 2704 meters above the ground, like a dormant giant watching over a small town that quickly grows at its feet. You can partially see the crater’s own rocky bottom in a fully equipped observation facility, where thousands of tourists visit each year just to feel the strength of a sleeping giant that is not roaring anymore.

Similar to the rest of Costa Rica, Alajuela hast only two different seasons across the year, a rainy one and a dry one. During the rainy season that extends from May until October, flowers grow and bloom, as the rain pours from heaven feeding and calming the thirst of the ground below us, making it fertile so it can last through the year.  There is no discomfort in a little rain; it is just the necessary to keep us going through the season until the dry season kicks in.

The Dry season, well, that’s a whole different story. Sunny days, warm clear nights, the fields turn brown as the grass starts do dry up. The crops start to be gathered as the ever moving Alajuela prepares itself for another year, another cycle, another round.

This duality of seasons permits a huge biodiversity because here in Alajuela there are no lose ends when it comes to weather, all your needs are covered.  There are no excesses when it comes to climate in Alajuela, just the right amount in the right time, all of this beautifully synchronized with Mother Nature’s master clock.