Alajuela Economy

Alajuela Costa Rica, Economically Strong

Diversify. In the multitude of options there is richness, the same applies with economy. Alajuela has diversified the range of possibilities to be an economically active community. There are a number of things done in Alajuela that are producing a great income to its citizens.

Let’s start with agriculture. Alajuela Costa Rica produces a vast array of products, including tobacco of the highest quality used for consumer grade cigarettes and cigars. These are both consumed locally and exported to all over the world.  Costarican tobacco is one of the richest and most aromatic when compared to the highest standards of quality.

Tourism represents a great income as well, there are several parks located in the province. Caño Negro is a biological reserve located near the Costa Rican border with Nicaragua, where all sorts of wildlife is kept safe from the hazards of modernity.

Poas and Arenal, pre historic titans also receive a great amount of visitors. Both volcanoes stand thousands of feet above sea level and are not only a major attraction for tourists but a research ground for scientists from all over the world, contributing not only to world knowledge but to the income of the province.

Costa Rica’s worldly renowned coffee is also grown is the beautiful lands of Alajuela, acres and acres of terrain are used to grow one of the world’s finest coffee. This provides work for thousands of Costaricans who during the crop season take part in of Alajuela’s oldest rituals, picking up coffee beans.

Beekeeping represents another great amount of Alajuela’s economic activities. Small beekeepers produce extraordinarily rich and thick honey that is sold in a rudimentary way or sometimes absorbed by bigger companies that package it and sell it to a broader amount of consumers.

Same as with southern US, there are huge regions where sugar cane is cultivated. Machinery picks up the mature cane and is sent by the ton to processing plants where sugar and Costa Rica’s traditional spirit “Guaro” is made. Both sugar and alcoholic beverages and are distributed locally and exported.

Juicy red strawberries are also grown in the area, this are sold by the pound or processed into jelly or a number of different products widely available nationally and abroad.  Mango is the city’s pride, these are abundant and not really processed or sold in supermarkets, yet they are part of everyday living here.

There are a number of ways that Alajuela Costa Rica maintains itself growing rapidly amidst a season of economical changes and challenges, come and visit and be a witness.