Alajuela Culture

Alajuela Costa Rica, An amalgam of influences

Culturally Alajuela is very diverse there are many cultures integrated in one spot. There are many traditions in the beautiful city of Alajuela Costa Rica. Activities here are very diverse and range from the traditional to the very modern.

One of many traits considered humorous by historians is the abundance of nicknames in the city. There is a tradition that you should have a nickname and go by that nickname throughout your life. Usually people gather around Alajuela’s Central park and hang out there just to observe the people go by. This is a tradition that goes back to years and years ago, so when they observe people they come up with a nickname. Bothersome to a few, comical to others it is a cultural distinction that maintains itself alive no matter how many generations go by.

Soccer is another cultural activity that has become a major dynamo, over the last century, which stirs the forces of culture.  Thousands of soccer devotees visit the soccer stadium every Sunday to cheer for their team, La Liga. This is very common in all age groups, soccer makes no distinctions here, let it be the elders or the newly born, everyone carries the flag of their favorite team set deep in their hearts.

Vicinity with San José has made of Alajuela Costa Rica a cultural extension for all major activities. There is also the well known Juan Santa MarÍa museum that hosts a number of different activities on a regular basis.

Nightlife is also pretty active with all kinds of different places to visit and with offers that range from the calm to the more hectic and mundane. There is always something for everyone in San José, all kinds of restaurants, night clubs where you can party until the break of dawn, cultural activities for everyone.

People tend to have an open mind, while keeping the old core values of country living at times. There are so many visitors and different cultures living along each other that having an open mind is the only way to go.

As with most Latin American countries religion plays a major role in people’s lives, whilst the majority of the population is catholic, you can easily find gatherings of different denominations and religions all around.

When visiting Alajuela there will always be something to do, the large amount of tourism has made of this place a very unique amalgam of influences.