Alajuela Costa Rica

Alajuela Costa Rica, a place to call your own

Alajuela Costa Rica. Does it sound familiar? Probably not, right? Yet, If you think about it; it sounds like a little fairy tale town.  Alajuela, Costa Rica is indeed the nearest thing to a fairy tale town.  Tropical weather, peace, warm people, these are only a few of the traits that make of our beloved city such a wonderful place.

As years go by the hectic pace of modern life invades more and more of our lives, sometimes leaving little or no room for balance. Do you remember the last time you sat under a big beautiful tree and waved good bye to your neighbor as they walked by? We don’t see that very often anymore.  Warm family dinners under a beautiful moon.  Taking a walk under the stars accompanied by the sound of crickets and the wind?  Sounds like a story from 50 years ago.  This is life in Alajuela Costa Rica.

Alajuela in Costa Rica is a little place where all this and more is possible, there is a place where modern life still mingles with the simplicity and joy of rural living. If you think about it this is what most of us yearn for, just a little place where to find peace in-between our ever revolving lives, this is Alajuela, Costa Rica.

If you wonder what this is all about, just browse around the web, look for Alajuela Costa Rica and you will find more marvels than you ever imagined. All this right in between the Pacific and the Caribbean, in the middle of the province that carries the same name, Alajuela. Just the right balance.

Settling in Alajuela Costa Rica had never been easier and had never been so promising. The vicinity of beaches, an international airport right around the corner, the marvelous fruits, the warm people, beautiful landscapes and beautiful houses. The perfect balance between a modern lifestyle and the peace of country living.

If you ever thought of living abroad or just visiting for a while, Alajuela Costa Rica is just right for you and me, just right for everyone. A place where life moves at your own pace while keeping all those lush and beautiful details of years gone by, let it be just for a visit or a lifetime, this is a place where your roots can let loose and start all over.

A beautiful life, a beautiful house, a beautiful dream. We all dream about such things, we all dream of different lives, life doesn’t have to be so distant from that when you live at Alajuela, Costa Rica.