When you think of Costa Rica you probably have one rudimentary idea of a place filled up with vegetation, exotic women and beautiful beaches and well that is not that far away from the truth, but there is a lot more to Costa Rica than meets the eye.

With an average of 300 000 habitants per city Costa Rica’s cities offer a lot more than you would expect for a country with such a reduced size. You can find cities built along the beach, where you can enjoy all sorts of amenities that can make heaven out of your life.

Located right in the middle of a central valley San Jose is a beautiful town, with beautiful parks, clean air and a beautiful history built upon peace, and multiple activities to keep you aroused every day here in Costa Rica cities. Let it be in the middle of the day or late at night to as you travel to get home, it is beautiful place to look at. With its proud statues of national heroes, monuments to peace in the middle of the city, vast extensions keeping trees safe in the middle of the urban chaos, you can find it all and more.

Costa Rica cities offer a broad range of activities, you can enjoy wild nightlife in a place like Tamarindo, a little oasis near the Pacific Ocean where you can enjoy of the latest clubs and dance until the break of dawn. Have a nice meal in an Italian pizza place right at the edge of the deep green sea. You can find peace and comfort in the middle of the rain forest; you can go to a place like Monteverde where you can find shelter in a beautiful hut, all of this in a place built by an Amish colony filled with the cleanest air you could ever imagine.

Take the jump, come and stay a while, you will see that there is lots more than you ever imagined right here in Costa Rica a place where vintage meets modern and conservative meets liberal all in one spot. Costa Rica might be small in physical dimensions but is definitely huge when it comes to culture and diversity.


Do you remember the paradox for Pandora’s Box? Something similar happens with Costa Rica cities, at first sight they might look plain and deceiving, but be warned that is the complete opposite of the truth.